I will be like dew to Israel; he will grow like the lily.    Hosea 14:5 
I remember when I was very young helping my Dad in the garden at the end of a hot summer day and before going in the house for supper that night noticing how wilted and droopy the leaves of the vegetable plants were.
Heading out the next morning I looked at how the corn and other plants looked so refreshed and strong , and each leaf was dripping with the shimmering drops of dew.
I said to my Dad “I don’t remember it raining last night?”
He said “No, that’s Dewdrops not raindrops.”
Of course, now I know that, during the night, the cooling air caused moisture to condense into dewdrops, refreshing the wilted vegetation.
This, according to the prophet Hosea, is a picture of what the Lord would do for His people. God said, “I will be like the dew to Israel” (Hosea 14:5).
When our spirits droop, when we are burdened by a load of cares, or when we are carrying the guilt of sin, the Lord offers His mercy and grace through the power of His Holy Spirit to be like refreshing dew to our souls.
Just as the dew appears in the quiet of the night to moisten the plants, so too the refreshing dew of God’s Spirit comes to us in forgiveness, comfort, and strength when we pause for some quiet time of prayer and meditation on His Word.
Why are the lives of so many Christians faded, wilted, and powerless?
It could be because they neglect spending time alone each day with God in prayer and in the study of His Word.
Do you need the refreshment of God’s dewdrops?
We at WEST POINT CHRISTIAN welcome you to join us as we serve our Lord and Savior!