“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine. Isaiah 43:1
My son and I have spent a many day by the River fishing nice beautiful sunny day and seemingly out of no where comes a violent storm! We pack our gear and quickly and get to the car…
Jesus’ disciples also encountered a stormy experience.
They were on the Sea of Galilee when a windstorm whipped up (Mark 6:48).
The storm was so violent that despite being experienced fishermen who knew the lake well, they feared for their lives.
But Jesus walked out to them and saved them. No one can predict with certainty how stormy the new year will be.
We do know, though, that everyone will face storms. But we who have Jesus have our future securely moored to Him.
Jesus, who did not fail us in the past, will not fail us in the future.
Lewis Edgar Jones aptly described our situation in his old hymn:
I’ve anchored in Jesus, the storms of life I’ll brave;
I’ve anchored in Jesus, I’ll fear no wind or wave.
I’ve anchored in Jesus, for He hath power to save;
I’ve anchored to the Rock of Ages!
How will you fare in the storms of the new year?
If you’re anchored in Jesus, you have nothing to fear.
If you need help in the storms of life we would like you know you can find help here at WPCC
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