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 Years ago, my daughter Katina (about five at the time) went to stay with my sister a few days and I know her Aunt just lavished lots of love and attention on her and her aunt loved doing it and Katina had so much fun.
Flavia drops her off at the house and visited a bit and as she headed to the door Katina ran put on her shoes on and grabbed her overnight bag and walked out in front of us and said “Bye”!
It was a sweet moment Katina there with her shoes on backwards holding her bag. She was ready to go with her Aunt Flavia for more individual time of feeling loved and valued.
In a way this is a picture of the love God has for us His Children. “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, His children.” When we believe in Jesus as our savoir we become His children and begin to understand this individual love that He has lavished on us. As we grow “In Christ” we begin to want to return this love back to Him. MHC
 WEST POINT CHRISTIAN welcomes you to join us as we celebrate Gods Love!